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Best Mosquitoes Control Services in Bangalore

Mosquitoes Control Services in Bangalore

Mosquitoes are vectors of numerous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue chikungunya. Most female mosquitoes require a blood meal before they can produce a batch of eggs. Anopheles, culex and Aedes are the most common species of mosquitoes that spread diseases. These vectors develop through four stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult, complete development from egg to adult usually takes 10 to 14 days but varies according to the species and temperature.

The best integrated practices can keep the mosquito menace at a tolerable level, but stopping the influx of mosquito is a very difficult task as they have various sources of breeding.

The best control mechanism is prevention. Eliminating all possible mosquito breeding sources – standing water, piles of cut grass and fallen leaves, cleaning fence rows of wild grasses and weeds, keeping rain gutters free of litter and other vegetation- is indeed your starting point in an integrated pest management program targeting disease carrying pests.

Dr. Arun’s Plants and pest clinic have immense experience in this filed and strive to offer effective pest control treatments in a timely manner. We ensure that our talented staff inspect the area which has been affected and take potential steps to solve your pest problems. Our products are highly demanded in the market for their excellent features like non toxic to humans and pets, environment friendly, do not discolor the walls, have no odour and many others.

So don’t let a pest problem fester, call Dr. Arun for easy yet effective pest control services !

Frequently asked questions

Are mosquitoes attracted to water?

Yes. Mosquitoes each sleep in water, and trust journeys to water to eliminate dioxide and inhale a contemporary offer of oxygen. feminine mosquitoes lay their larvae in pools of water. Those larvae pay their 1st 2 stages of life in water. This additionally means mosquitoes square measure drawn to witness. Eventually, they’re drawn to you as a result of after you breathe, you exhale water vapour. one Since you can’t surrender respiration, Mosquitno bands are here to assist keep the mosquitoes away!

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Actually solely female mosquitoes bite. they have blood to produce the super molecule for egg development. Females turn out one to a few batches of eggs throughout a period. after they are able to turn out eggs, they’re going in search of blood. whereas rather unpleasant to have confidence, feminine mosquitoes have a classy system of six “stylets” they use to pump your blood. Four of the stylets have toothed edges for sawing into little capillaries just below the skin; the fifth injects spit to permit blood to flow freely; and also the sixth facilitates propulsion within the blood.

What is the best ways to treat a mosquito bite?

For starters, don’t itch! however we all know that’s easier said than done. There are each over-the-counter and residential remedies to assist treat a bite, together with the itch. Associate in Nursing medicinal drug ointment can facilitate for those extreme bites. If you’re trying to find a additional natural approach, there ar some ingredients that may facilitate take the emit of the sting. Aloe vera, basil, and essential oils like lavender oil, all have anti-inflammatory properties. Honey has an antiseptic property, relieving the swell. Apple acetum will facilitate stop the itch by restoring the pH scale balance in your skin. The macromolecule in milk can facilitate relieve the itch, swell, and inflammation. simply keep in mind, you ought to perpetually consult a doctor if you’ve got severe bites or allergies.

What can homeowners do to reduce the risks from mosquitoes?

There are many ways a home-owner will reduce the risks from mosquitoes:

Eliminate or reduce dipteron breeding sites by exchange all standing water a minimum of once per week. This includes bird baths, ponds and swimming pools.
Remove gratuitous vegetation or trash from around any standing water sources that can’t be modified, drop or removed.
Introduce mosquito-eating fish like genus Gambusia, inexperienced sunfish, bluegills and minnows to standing water.
Screen windows, doors, and different openings with fine mesh, protection around all screen edges and keeping doors and windows shut to stop entry.
Avoid going outdoors once and wherever mosquitoes are most active: throughout nightfall or dawn.
Use repellent on exposed skin whenever and where mosquitoes are doubtless to bite. the foremost effective repellents presently out there contain the active ingredient N,N-diethyl benzamide (DEET), in concentrations up to concerning thirty-fifth (greater concentrations do not supply higher protection).
Wear long-sleeved shirts and leggy pants, ideally treated with a repellent likewise.

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