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Best Cockroach Control Services in Bangalore

“There is never just one cockroach in the kitchen”. Yes it is true that where there is one cockroach there are others. If you find one in your house/apartment then you will want to take steps to eliminate all the potential ones lurking in their dark hiding places. The presence of Cockroaches in the kitchen is often detected by their damage or by the fecal matter called frass, they deposit. These signs can help in diagnosing, a cockroach problem.

Control Measures

The size and shape of fecal droppings also indicates the kind of cockroach species involved. We use Pesticides which falls under the Category of “Third Generation”, to which cockroaches have not gone immune.

We have special treatment to control those small cockroaches (oriental cockroach) which have become a common sight in Indian kitchens. Small cockroaches easily hide themselves in wardrobes, dining table, drawers and bathroom etc.

We take Annual Maintenance contract (AMC) for cockroach treatment both for homes and businesses. As name suggests the annual maintenance contract is for One Year in which the frequency of services is Quarterly (four times a year) for residential areas and Bi-Monthly (six services in a year) for commercial installations like offices, production houses, Pharma units, commercial kitchens corporate house, Embassies etc.

Both the options i.e. conventional method like sprays mists etc. and Gel applications are available with us to suit any requirement. However in the case of heavy infestation, mists and sprays are preferred for which taking the eatables and foodstuff out of the kitchen is a must.


Latest Technology (Gel Application)

In the recent past a new technique has been developed which involves controlling the Major cockroach population within the premises by applying a gel like substance. Unlike in the past, it does not require spraying those pungent smell insecticides. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to empty out the whole kitchen and create a mess. So there’s minimal disruption of the home or work place.

The mode of action involves applying low dosages of newly developed molecule called “Fipronil” at strategic location and hide-out places inside the house .This contains a Bait to which cockroaches get attracted and feed on it. Once a critical numbers of cockroaches have accepted this bait, they start contaminating other cockroaches and a “Cascading effect” starts taking place and gradually the whole population of cockroach gets infected by the toxic ingredient present in the bait and ultimately gets eliminated.

The gel is odorless. It can be safely applied to sensitive areas such as electrical console boxes, kitchen appliances, electronic Gadgets, behind the refrigerator etc. on which those conventional insecticide cannot be sprayed. It is safe, non-irritating and presents no hazard to the living environment.

Mode of Application for Gel treatment

The scientific study shows, if applied judiciously and in an appropriate manner, about 70% of cockroach population gets controlled in about a weeks time. The remaining population gets controlled in three to four weeks. For treating a typical house of about 900 sq. ft. of area it just takes about half an hour’s time.

Frequently asked questions


How do I know if I have a cockroach infestation?
1.Cockroach faecal matter
2.Unusual and distinctive odour — caused by their faecal matter
3.Smear marks
4.Shed skin
5.Cockroach eggs — known as the ootheca
6.Damage caused by cockroaches, like a chewed packaging
7. Actual sightings of live or dead cockroaches, or body elements, in kitchens, laundry rooms, drains, roof voids and damp basements
Where should I look for cockroaches?
Some species of cockroach-like hotter, damp areas whereas others like cooler conditions. These are the areas during a building wherever they’re found:

Kitchens: cupboards, cabinets, hidden areas underneath sinks, behind machinery like dishwashers, hidden areas in appliances
Bathrooms: at the rear of cupboards, round the plumbing, within the voidance pipes, and any sheltered/hidden dark places
Laundry rooms: in cabinets underneath sinks, round the plumbing, in hidden areas in laundry machines and dryers
Basements: in cracks and gaps in walls and floors, underneath floor boards, in boxes and piles of paper material
Drains: within drains, coming into through broken covers or pipes, and gaps around pipes
Outdoors: below decking, in undisturbed areas in outbuildings, in rubbish tips

How do I get rid of cockroaches?
There is a spread of consumer merchandise that may be purchased from retailers that may facilitate with gentle infestations, including:

1. Insecticidal sprays that provide a fast knock-down or are often sprayed on surfaces to kill insects that crawl over them — these ought to be used rigorously to avoid poisoning yourself and people
2.Insecticidal powder to unfold on surface wherever insects crawl
3.Sticky traps to catch creep insects
4. Professional treatment is commonly the foremost effective thanks to getting obviate a roach infestation in your home or business, particularly in food businesses and tending wherever there’s a legal demand to take care of hygiene standards..

What are the treatments for cockroaches?

Pest management professionals have a spread of effective treatments and are trained in mensuration properties totally to seek out all the dictyopterous insect nesting sites and also the reasons for the infestation. we are able to additionally give elaborated recommendations to stop cockroaches from reinfesting. Professional treatments embody a wider vary of insecticidal sprays and powders and additionally dictyopterous insect baits, application and warmth treatment, that kills all life stages of the dictyopterous insect (egg to adult) and is chemical free.

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