About Dr Arun's Pest Solutions


Dr Arun's Pest Solutions is a leading Pest Control Services Provider in Bangalore, having a well Qualified team of Professional and Expert Technicians handling all your pest related problems in home and Offices.


Started in the Year 1966, with a Vision of Providing Economical Pest Control Solutions for Effective Pest Management. Dr Arun has a Expertise of more than a Decade in Handling all kinds of Pests. Dr Arun's Pest Solutions not only provides services but also educate its clients about the banned pesticides and its health hazards. 


Dr Arun's Pest Solutions uses eco-friendly chemicals duly approved by World Health Organization (WHO), Herbal products for all its services at a very reasonable price. We are also well equipped with most advanced world class state-of-art technology to control any kind of pest problems. We provide  Services for Residential pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, Cockroach Control, Rodent Control, Termite Control and all other Pest Control Services in Bangalore. 


We are very committed to our services and maintain very good relations with even a small client. The chemicals that we use for our pest control services are from the leading manufacturers.  We Provide protective gear like Safety Gloves, Safety Jackets to all our technicians who carry out the Pest Control Treatment.

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