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Do you know that Rats' front teeth (incisors) grow 5 inches per year? Their teeth grow continuously throughout their life. Therefore, naturally if they don't gnaw on things, their teeth will grow longer than their bodies. This makes them most destructive structural pest.

It is an established fact that rats can cause great destruction with their powerful teeth and jaws -- jaws so powerful that they can bite through lead!

Thankfully you do not need to panic. Dr. Arun's Plants and Pest clinic provides you a long term solution within days

Dr. Arun's Plants and pest clinic have immense experience in this filed and strive to offer effective pest control treatments in a timely manner. We ensure that our talented staff inspect the area which has been affected and take potential steps to solve your pest problems. Our products are highly demanded in the market for their excellent features like non toxic to humans and pets, environment friendly, do not discolor the walls, have no odour and many others.

So don’t let a pest problem fester, call Dr. Arun for easy yet effective pest control services !

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